Ukraine’s Independence Day was especially poignant and significant this year on day 547 of the country defending its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the right of its citizens to choose their European future. In the face of unprecedented challenges, Ukraine and its people have inspired the world through their commitment to freedom and democratic principles, strength, unity, and extraordinary resilience.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has demonstrated the highest leadership in rallying the nation and uniting the democratic world in support of Ukraine, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine have awed the world with their bravery and heroism in defending Ukraine and its people. Horizon Capital commends the unwavering commitment and courage of Ukraine’s heroes, from the battlefield to diplomacy, from government officials and civil servants to the business community, and from volunteers to civic society and journalists.

This pride extends to our Horizon Capital team and extended family of over 26,000 individuals striving every day to better Ukraine in the companies that we back led by visionary entrepreneurs. Our funds, with over USD 1.4 billion under management, have been active in Ukraine for nearly 30 years, backing Ukrainian success stories for decades.

Today, we have never been prouder of our partners with whom we are privileged to be in business. Together, we have raised and delivered over USD 30 million in aid for Ukraine, and our partners continue to grow, expand operations, attract investments and new clients, enter global markets, pay taxes, and make significant humanitarian contributions to their communities. They exemplify the very essence of Ukrainian entrepreneurship, one built on vision, courage, and resilience.

We will continue to stand with Ukraine’s entrepreneurs, ensuring that they have the capital to grow their businesses in Ukraine, as illustrated by our latest fund, Horizon Capital Growth Fund IV, that is investing in Ukraine now, not when the war is over.

This new fund is the largest raised since the full-fledged invasion, with over USD 250 million in investor commitments, and aiming to further expand capital available to invest by reaching USD 300 million shortly. Investor confidence in backing this fund is a testament to the strength of Ukraine’s entrepreneurs, their track record and results, and the faith and commitment of our investors in Ukraine’s victory and a bright future for the country, its citizens, and entrepreneurs.

This fund is not just a financial commitment; it represents the collective belief in Ukraine’s future, even in the face of extreme adversity. President Zelenskyy’s presence at our historical signing ceremony for the new fund on April 28 underscored the importance of investment in Ukrainian businesses to bolster the country’s economic resilience.

We believe the best is yet to come and are delighted that our capital will provide Ukrainian entrepreneurs with access to financing, driving both growth and impact by creating jobs, promoting entrepreneurship, accelerating exports, and contributing to Ukraine’s revitalization.

We extend our gratitude and remembrance to those who have fought for our nation’s sovereignty over centuries, paid the ultimate price, and continue to do so today. We express our unwavering commitment to support those playing a vital role in today’s resilience and tomorrow’s rebuilding of Ukraine. Powered by back-up electricity generators and Starlinks, defying challenges, these nimble, entrepreneurial, unwaveringly optimistic businesses contribute every day to Ukraine’s future victory and to Ukrainians enjoying peaceful lives in a free, prosperous, European nation.

Slava Ukraini!

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