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France’s Credit Agricole Bank opens flagship branch in Kyiv

France’s Credit Agricole underlined its ambitions on the Ukrainian market in mid-May with the opening of a new flagship branch in Kyiv that could serve as a model for the bank’s network throughout Ukraine. The unveiling of the branch in the Ukrainian capital’s San Francisco Business Center is another significant milestone in Credit Agricole’s 31-year […]

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Resilience and reforms: assessing key legal industry trends in wartime Ukraine

Since the onset of Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022, the Ukrainian legal sector has navigated through unprecedented challenges and undergone significant transformations, while at the same time continuing to play a crucial role in society. A number of key trends and important issues have emerged during this period that are shaping the legal landscape […]

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Adapting legal services to wartime conditions in today’s Ukraine

How have the wartime conditions in Ukraine affected your work with international corporate clients? At the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, the level of demand in the international corporate client segment at our law firm decreased significantly. But demand has subsequently recovered and we have managed to engage new global brands in cooperation. In […]

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From Drones to Demining: How Ukrainian legislation is adapting to wartime realities

Over the span of more than two years since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine’s rapidly evolving defense sector has played a crucial role in strengthening the country’s ability to defend itself. One of the most notable success stories has been the development of Ukrainian drone technologies. Since February 2022, a significant number of […]

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Ukraine is the driver of the new European security architecture

Few people are better placed to assess the historic changes currently taking place in the Ukrainian defense industry than Kyiv-based Canadian lawyer Daniel Bilak. In his role as director of Kinstellar law firm’s Ukraine practice, Bilak helps major international defense companies establish a presence in wartime Ukraine. As the former chief investment advisor to the […]

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Leading Turkish e-commerce company plans to launch in Ukraine despite wartime challenges

One of the largest Turkish e-commerce companies had confirmed plans to launch in Ukraine. In a January 7 interview with Bloomberg, Hepsiburada CEO Nilhan Onal Gokcetekin said the company is ready to begin large-scale Ukrainian sales if an initial trial run proves successful. The Hepsiburada chief executive said her company is not deterred by the […]

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Japan is “determined” to support Ukraine, Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa says during Kyiv visit

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa arrived in the Ukrainian capital on 7 January with a message of Tokyo’s “determination” to maintain its strong support for Ukraine during the coming year. Kamikawa soon became acquainted with the current wartime realities in Kyiv when air raid sirens forced her and Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba to hold their […]

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Turkish mining company invests in wartime Ukraine

In the rural heart of central Ukraine, one of the country’s most ambitious wartime investment initiatives is underway. At a quarry in Kirovograd Oblast’s Haivoron region, efforts began in March 2023 to excavate Ukraine’s highly sought-after kaolin clay for export to Türkiye and global markets. The project is the work of Turkish-based industrial minerals company […]