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NATO chief Stoltenberg: “If Ukrainians stop fighting, their country will no longer exist”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has called on the West to prepare for a long war and warned that Ukraine is fighting for national survival. In an interview with Germany’s Funke media group published on September 17, the NATO leader argued for an increase in German military spending while cautioning that there will be no […]

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UN Special Rapporteur: Torture of Ukrainian captives is Russian “state policy”

Russia is engaging in the torture of Ukrainian civilians and prisoners of war as part of a systematic, state-sponsored policy, according to a new report by the UN’s Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. “The volume of credible allegations of torture and other inhumane acts that are being […]

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New $600 million US aid package for Ukraine unveiled as counteroffensive gains momentum

The United States will provide Ukraine with a new aid package valued at $600 million, officials confirmed on Thursday. It will include equipment to help integrate Ukraine’s air defense systems, ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), artillery rounds, electronic warfare and counter-electronic warfare equipment, demolition munitions and mine-clearing equipment, as well as funding […]

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US lawmakers accuse Russian dictator Vladimir Putin of committing genocide in Ukraine

US House Foreign Affairs Committee members have accused Russian dictator Vladimir Putin of committing genocide in Ukraine. Speaking on September 6 during a visit to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Committee chairperson Michael McCaul said Putin “tried to erase a culture, a people and a religion, and that is the definition of genocide.” […]

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CNN report claims Elon Musk cut internet to Ukraine’s military as it was attacking Russian fleet

A new CNN report published on September 7 claims Elon Musk secretly ordered employees to turn off his company’s Starlink satellite communications network near the Crimean coast last year to disrupt a Ukrainian drone attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet on Russian-occupied Crimea. The report is based on an excerpt adapted from Walter Isaacson’s […]

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How McDonald’s became a symbol of Ukraine’s remarkable resilience

In the eighteen months since the onset of Russia’s full-scale invasion, the watching world has frequently been amazed by Ukraine’s remarkable resilience. Ukrainians have defied the expectations of experts who predicted Kyiv would fall in a matter of days, and have instead managed to secure significant success on the battlefield while also keeping the country […]

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Vladimir Putin’s biggest mistake was underestimating Ukrainian resilience

Over the past eighteen months, Ukraine’s ability to overcome the destruction and disruption created by Russia’s invasion has been so striking that some outside observers have even questioned the reality of the war. Every so often, video footage of Ukrainians engaged in everyday activities appears on social media accompanied by suggestions that the situation in […]