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Celebrating the resilience and bravery of the Ukrainian people

Ukraine’s Independence Day was especially poignant and significant this year on day 547 of the country defending its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the right of its citizens to choose their European future. In the face of unprecedented challenges, Ukraine and its people have inspired the world through their commitment to freedom and democratic principles, strength, […]

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Tetyana Golofiyevska: “Ukrainians are an exceptionally entrepreneurial and hardworking nation”

The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has placed unprecedented strains on the Ukrainian economy but Ukrainian businesses have responded by demonstrating remarkable resilience and durability. Ukrainian entrepreneur and business developer Tetyana Golofiyevska believes the experience of the past nineteen months since the onset of Russia’s invasion has confirmed the exceptional entrepreneurial skills and work ethic […]

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ATB supermarket chain helps safeguard wartime Ukraine’s economy and food security

As Ukraine’s largest retail chain, ATB Market has been at the forefront of the country’s civilian response to the full-scale invasion launched by Russia eighteen months ago. From the very first moments of the invasion on February 24, 2022, the entire ATB Corporation switched to a wartime footing and began working to support the defense […]

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Leading international school reopens in Kyiv for new academic year

Ukraine’s ability to maintain a degree of business-as-usual normality despite Russia’s ongoing invasion has been one of the most striking features of the past eighteen months. In a further sign of routine everyday life returning to the country, Pechersk School International welcomed students to the school’s campus in the Ukrainian capital for the new academic […]

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MIRACLE ON RAILS: Ukraine’s train workers are the unsung heroes of the country’s war effort

In mid-August 2023, British Ambassador to Ukraine Dame Melinda Simmons took the intercity train from Kyiv to Lviv. In normal circumstances, her journey would have been entirely unremarkable; at a time when Ukraine is fighting for national survival against a genocidal Russian invasion, the mere existence of this daily train service is a minor miracle […]

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Henkel underlines commitment to Ukraine with series of new investments in facility upgrades

International industrial and consumer goods producer Henkel has been present in Ukraine for a quarter of a century and had established four production facilities in the country by the time of Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022. Eighteen months on, three of Henkel’s production facilities in Ukraine are currently operational, while the company has retained […]

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Banking on the exceptional wartime adaptability of Ukraine’s business community

There are few more convincing expressions of confidence in the business climate than the recruitment and training of additional staff. This is exactly what ProCredit Bank is currently doing in wartime Ukraine. The bank spent 2022 adjusting to the new realities created by Russia’s full-scale invasion and concentrating on strengthening institutional stability, but business development […]

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How McDonald’s became a symbol of Ukraine’s remarkable resilience

In the eighteen months since the onset of Russia’s full-scale invasion, the watching world has frequently been amazed by Ukraine’s remarkable resilience. Ukrainians have defied the expectations of experts who predicted Kyiv would fall in a matter of days, and have instead managed to secure significant success on the battlefield while also keeping the country […]

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Vladimir Putin’s biggest mistake was underestimating Ukrainian resilience

Over the past eighteen months, Ukraine’s ability to overcome the destruction and disruption created by Russia’s invasion has been so striking that some outside observers have even questioned the reality of the war. Every so often, video footage of Ukrainians engaged in everyday activities appears on social media accompanied by suggestions that the situation in […]