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Türkiye’s ONUR GROUP plans to double its $500 million investment in Ukraine by 2030

What impact did the full-scale invasion have on Onur Group’s plans for infrastructure projects in Ukraine? Unfortunately, the invasion had a very significant impact on our plans in Ukraine, with work stopping on around 90% of existing projects. Prior to this, we had been one of the key contractors for President Zelenskyy’s Big Construction program. […]

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MIRACLE ON RAILS: Ukraine’s train workers are the unsung heroes of the country’s war effort

In mid-August 2023, British Ambassador to Ukraine Dame Melinda Simmons took the intercity train from Kyiv to Lviv. In normal circumstances, her journey would have been entirely unremarkable; at a time when Ukraine is fighting for national survival against a genocidal Russian invasion, the mere existence of this daily train service is a minor miracle […]

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The inside story on how mobile operator Kyivstar helps wartime Ukraine stay connected

Since the very first days of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine’s largest mobile operator Kyivstar has been at the forefront of efforts to keep the country connected. During the first seventeen months of the war, the mobile operator invested approximately UAH 8.1 billion into the reconstruction and development of its telecom networks across Ukraine, with company […]