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Turkish developer proceeds with major new residential project in wartime Kyiv

Turkish businesses are widely expected to play a prominent role in postwar Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction, with some companies already demonstrating their commitment to the country by investing in new construction initiatives despite ongoing hostilities. With the full-scale Russian invasion about to enter a third year, Turkish construction company Bosphorus Development is proceeding with a […]

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Türkiye’s ONUR GROUP plans to double its $500 million investment in Ukraine by 2030

What impact did the full-scale invasion have on Onur Group’s plans for infrastructure projects in Ukraine? Unfortunately, the invasion had a very significant impact on our plans in Ukraine, with work stopping on around 90% of existing projects. Prior to this, we had been one of the key contractors for President Zelenskyy’s Big Construction program. […]

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Burak Pehlivan: Türkiye is the top international investor in wartime Ukraine

For more than a decade, Burak Pehlivan has been at the heart of the burgeoning Turkish business community in Ukraine. As the president of Turkish-Ukrainian Business Association TUID, he has been instrumental in the deepening of bilateral ties between the two Black Sea neighbors. Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Pehlivan has also become […]