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Turkish mining company invests in wartime Ukraine

In the rural heart of central Ukraine, one of the country’s most ambitious wartime investment initiatives is underway. At a quarry in Kirovograd Oblast’s Haivoron region, efforts began in March 2023 to excavate Ukraine’s highly sought-after kaolin clay for export to Türkiye and global markets. The project is the work of Turkish-based industrial minerals company […]

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Turkish developer proceeds with major new residential project in wartime Kyiv

Turkish businesses are widely expected to play a prominent role in postwar Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction, with some companies already demonstrating their commitment to the country by investing in new construction initiatives despite ongoing hostilities. With the full-scale Russian invasion about to enter a third year, Turkish construction company Bosphorus Development is proceeding with a […]

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Türkiye’s ONUR GROUP plans to double its $500 million investment in Ukraine by 2030

What impact did the full-scale invasion have on Onur Group’s plans for infrastructure projects in Ukraine? Unfortunately, the invasion had a very significant impact on our plans in Ukraine, with work stopping on around 90% of existing projects. Prior to this, we had been one of the key contractors for President Zelenskyy’s Big Construction program. […]

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Burak Pehlivan: Türkiye is the top international investor in wartime Ukraine

For more than a decade, Burak Pehlivan has been at the heart of the burgeoning Turkish business community in Ukraine. As the president of Turkish-Ukrainian Business Association TUID, he has been instrumental in the deepening of bilateral ties between the two Black Sea neighbors. Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Pehlivan has also become […]

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Ukraine needs war risk insurance to attract international investment

What has been the impact of the full-scale Russian invasion on the Ukrainian insurance industry? Before the outbreak of war, the Ukrainian insurance industry was experiencing steady growth, albeit from a relatively underpenetrated position compared to the country’s Eastern European counterparts. The Ukrainian market witnessed a number of positive developments in terms of product diversity […]

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Haluk Bayraktar: How to attract international partners to Ukraine’s vital defense sector

The resilience of the Ukrainian people has been truly inspiring. Ukrainians are currently at the forefront of Europe’s defense and the international community has compelling reasons to continue supporting the country. At the same time, recent events in the US Congress have underscored the importance of Ukraine moving toward greater self-reliance in defense and reducing […]

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“Türkiye is uniquely situated to partner with Ukraine for postwar reconstruction efforts.”

Türkiye and Ukraine are close neighbors in the Black Sea region and enjoy excellent relations, a reflection of deep-rooted connections stretching back many centuries. Ukraine has been Türkiye’s strategic partner for over a decade, hence the strong solidarity and support between our two countries. Indeed, the most recent manifestation of our solidarity was displayed when […]