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Breadbasket of Europe: Ukraine was the European Union’s third largest agricultural supplier in 2023

Ukraine is the third largest agricultural supplier to the EU, according to new figures released by the European Commission in January. Data covering the period from January to October 2023 showed Ukraine in the number three position among agri-food exporters to European Union markets behind first placed Brazil and the United Kingdom, with the United […]

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World Bank forecast: Ukraine could be Europe’s fastest-growing economy by 2025

The World Bank expects Ukrainian GDP to increase by 6.5% in 2025, the highest anticipated growth rate in Europe. In a newly released January 2024 Global Economic Prospects overview, World Bank analysts have also upwardly revised their earlier estimate for Ukrainian GDP growth in 2023 from 2% to 4.8%. This optimistic outlook mirrors a similarly […]

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Leading Turkish e-commerce company plans to launch in Ukraine despite wartime challenges

One of the largest Turkish e-commerce companies had confirmed plans to launch in Ukraine. In a January 7 interview with Bloomberg, Hepsiburada CEO Nilhan Onal Gokcetekin said the company is ready to begin large-scale Ukrainian sales if an initial trial run proves successful. The Hepsiburada chief executive said her company is not deterred by the […]

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Ukraine exports 10 million tons of agricultural produce since breaking Russia’s Black Sea blockade

Ukraine has exported more than 10 million tons of agricultural produce since breaking the Russian naval blockade of the country’s Black Sea ports five months ago, Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov announced on 8 January. According to Kubrakov, Ukraine has now shipped almost 15 million tons of cargo in total following the launch of a […]

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Japan is “determined” to support Ukraine, Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa says during Kyiv visit

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa arrived in the Ukrainian capital on 7 January with a message of Tokyo’s “determination” to maintain its strong support for Ukraine during the coming year. Kamikawa soon became acquainted with the current wartime realities in Kyiv when air raid sirens forced her and Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba to hold their […]

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Serhii Plokhy: Putin’s belief that Russians and Ukrainians are one and the same people is dead

For the past decade, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has framed his country’s escalating campaign of aggression against Ukraine as a crusade for historical justice. Time and again, Putin has brandished his own highly distorted view of Ukraine’s place in Russian history in order to justify the invasion, occupation, and forced russification of the modern Ukrainian […]

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Turkish mining company invests in wartime Ukraine

In the rural heart of central Ukraine, one of the country’s most ambitious wartime investment initiatives is underway. At a quarry in Kirovograd Oblast’s Haivoron region, efforts began in March 2023 to excavate Ukraine’s highly sought-after kaolin clay for export to Türkiye and global markets. The project is the work of Turkish-based industrial minerals company […]