Ukraine attracts growing numbers of international tourists from Europe and Asia
The annual lilac bloom in Kyiv's Botanical Gardens is one of the tourism calling cards of the Ukrainian capital city

New figures for 2018 released in February 2019 by Ukraine’s border service show rising numbers of visitors coming to the country from Europe and Asia.

The biggest growth in terms of European tourists came among Spanish visitors, with 68% more Spaniards visiting Ukraine in 2018 than during the previous year. Next came Britain (47%), Lithuania (23%), Italy (15%), Germany (13%), and France (9%).

Meanwhile, growth levels were even more striking among visitors from Asian countries. The number of Indian tourists coming to Ukraine in 2018 rose 57% year-on-year, followed by China (39%), Japan (38%), and Israel (22%).

Ukrainian officials regard the development of the country’s tourism industry as a strategic economic priority for the coming five years, with the country’s rising international profile and rapidly improving air connections combining to create the basis for long-term growth. President Poroshenko has identified tourism as one of five key drivers of economic growth alongside sectors such as renewable energy and IT.

Getting to Ukraine has never been easier or cheaper. A number of budget airlines including Ryanair have entered the Ukrainian market in recent months, while Wizz Air has greatly expanded its long-term presence in Ukraine to reach a current total of 45 destinations in 13 countries.  

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