Kyiv’s Zoloti Vorota (“Golden Gate”) district has taken sixteenth place in Time Out magazine’s 2021 ranking of the 49 coolest neighborhoods in the world. The district, which once served as the gateway into ancient Kyiv, has experienced considerable modernization and gentrification in recent years.

Time Out scribes noted that today’s Zoloti Vorota “oozes energy and creativity” and praised the neighborhood for offering an abundance of “fancy bars, bombastic street art, hidden coffee shops, designer boutiques and nostalgia-fueled pie spots.”

The write-up attributed Zoloti Vorota’s high position on this year’s coolest neighborhood ranking to the district’s distinctly progressive vibe. “New openings, a strong sense of community that emphasizes heritage preservation, and unconventional green spaces like the Square of Kyiv Intellectuals all make the Zoloti Vorota neighborhood the go-to place to experience the forward-looking face of Kyiv.”

The ranking of the world’s coolest neighborhoods is compiled by Time Out each year based on the results of the annual Time Out Index survey, which this year polled 27,000 city dwellers around the world. This input is then vetted by Time Out’s network of local editors and contributors to produce a definitive list of the planet’s most fashionable urban districts.

Zoloti Vorota’s high position in this year’s ranking is the latest recognition of the Ukrainian capital’s rising international profile. Often dubbed “The New Berlin,” Kyiv is fast gaining a reputation as a hipster destination thanks to a vibrant bar and club scene along with an increasingly impressive selection of high quality restaurant options at affordable prices.

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