Taiwan has begun deliveries of electricity generators to Kyiv as part of the country’s growing support for Ukraine. The Taiwanese authorities allocated USD 1 million in recent weeks for the purchase of electricity generators as ties between the two nations continue to strengthen against the backdrop of Russia’s ongoing invasion.

Taiwan is one of numerous countries currently delivering generators to Ukraine. The Taiwanese initiative is part of international efforts to help counter Vladimir Putin’s bid to destroy Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and freeze the country into submission. Since October 2022, Russia has launched multiple waves of targeted airstrikes against power stations and other elements of Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure, leaving tens of millions with limited access to power, heating, and water.

The first two high-power generators purchased by Taiwan arrived in the Ukrainian capital on 2 January, 2023, and were met by Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko and Kyiv City Council deputy Gregory Malenko. They will be allocated to the city’s heating provider to help make sure residents of the capital remain warm during the coming months.

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