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Serhii Plokhy: Putin’s belief that Russians and Ukrainians are one and the same people is dead

For the past decade, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has framed his country’s escalating campaign of aggression against Ukraine as a crusade for historical justice. Time and again, Putin has brandished his own highly distorted view of Ukraine’s place in Russian history in order to justify the invasion, occupation, and forced russification of the modern Ukrainian […]

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Ukraine’s first suicide prevention hotline helps address trauma of Russian invasion

The first suicide prevention hotline in Ukraine’s history turned four in October 2023. Since it was launched in 2019, Lifeline Ukraine has proven increasingly necessary as Ukrainians struggle with the mental health challenges posed by Russia’s full-scale invasion. When I was tasked with creating Lifeline Ukraine, I knew nothing about suicide prevention. I am not […]

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RECOVERY initiative provides Ukraine’s wounded warriors with world class rehabilitation care

For the past eighteen months, Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has dominated the international agenda. But in reality, Russian military aggression against Ukraine actually began almost a decade ago with the seizure of Crimea and the invasion of eastern Ukraine. This ongoing attack has inflicted terrible suffering on the Ukrainian population. Tens of thousands have […]

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Leading international school reopens in Kyiv for new academic year

Ukraine’s ability to maintain a degree of business-as-usual normality despite Russia’s ongoing invasion has been one of the most striking features of the past eighteen months. In a further sign of routine everyday life returning to the country, Pechersk School International welcomed students to the school’s campus in the Ukrainian capital for the new academic […]

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MIRACLE ON RAILS: Ukraine’s train workers are the unsung heroes of the country’s war effort

In mid-August 2023, British Ambassador to Ukraine Dame Melinda Simmons took the intercity train from Kyiv to Lviv. In normal circumstances, her journey would have been entirely unremarkable; at a time when Ukraine is fighting for national survival against a genocidal Russian invasion, the mere existence of this daily train service is a minor miracle […]